Hatterral Ridge is a premium bottled water synonymous with the highest levels of purity, quality and design.

Specifically created for the more discerning hotels and restaurants, the “Hatterrall Ridge” label, with its rich textures, has been designed to complement both the contemporary minimalist and more traditional table setting.

Presented in the classic shaped Bordeaux glass bottle, this 100% natural spring water offers customers one of the finest products, boasting a delicate taste and healthy balance of minerals.

Hatterrall Ridge is only available through carefully selected distributors supplying the high end hospitality industry or directly through Black Mountain Mineral Water Ltd.

Bottled Water :

  • 750ml Still & Sparkling Spring Water
  • 330ml Still & Sparkling Spring Water

We also bottle Celtic Vale natural bottled mineral water. (Link opens in a new window).

Hatterrall Ridge premium spring water