Hatterrall Ridge Source

All bottled spring water originates as rainfall, which, dependent on its source, makes an underground journey often lasting hundreds of years. This time spent circulating deeply within the rock strata allows the water to absorb the minerals before emerging as a spring. Each spring or mineral water therefore is unique to its place of origin, with its flavour and mouth feel telling the story of its history and local geology.

Hatterrall Ridge spring water originates from a mountainous region on the Welsh Borders in an area designated as being of outstanding natural beauty. The purity of this bottled water coupled with its low mineral content gives Hatterrall Ridge a light taste, ideal as a refreshing drink or for cleansing the palette. The neutral ph and medium hardness of this spring water equate to a drink that whilst light in flavour has a strong and satisfying mouth feel.

With the advent of water being used to compliment wines, the characteristics and subtlety of flavour of Hatterrall Ridge spring water , make it a great choice for the more discerning palette.

Hatterrall Ridge premium spring water